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Mutthiganj Kalibari Temple Replaces Goat Sacrifice with Sugarcane

Mutthiganj Kalibari Temple attracts thousands of devotees during Diwali. The puja of Goddess Kali on Diwali day is very important in the temple. Earlier goats were sacrificed on the day. But from 2014, the temple committee stopped the practice of goat sacrifice. Instead of goats, the goddess was offered sugarcane, pumpkin and coconuts – sugarcane with roots were cut and offered to Goddess.
Times of India reports
Allahabad Kalibari Maintenance Society secretary Arun Kumar Bannerjee said, "A decade back, mass sacrifice of goats was an integral part of Kalibari ritual. Rituals cannot be changed overnight in any religion and the sacrifice tradition was no exception. It took a few years to stop mass sacrifice." 
"Following consultations with renowned and noted priests, the animal sacrifice was replaced with sugarcane as part of the tradition," he said. 
"The offering of sugarcanes with roots and leaves, pumpkin and coconuts are offered as sacrifice on the night," added Bannerjee, which is regarded as 'symbolic' sacrifice.