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Kaundinyapur Yatra to Vitthal Rukmini Temple at Kaundanyapur near Amravati in Maharashtra

Kaundinyapur Yatra is annually held in the Kartik Month to the Vitthal Rukmini Temple at Kaundanyapur around 45 km from Amravati. Kaundinyapur Yatra 2024 date is November 15. The annual festival attracts thousands of devotees to the temple which is a Shree Kshetra. Legend has it that Rukmini had eloped with Sri Krishna at the Amba temple at Kaundinyapur.

Kaundinyapur Yatra is annually held on the Kartik Purnima day and is quite similar to the annual Pandarpur Yatra (June – July).

The belief is that Kaundinyapur is the maternal home of Goddess Rukmini, consort of Lord Vitthal (Sri Krishna). She returns to her maternal home in Kartik Month.

Thousands of devotees from Vidarbha region converge on the day at Kaundinyapur to participate in the annual pilgrimage to the Kaundinyapur Vitthal Rukmini Temple located atop a hill. The temple overlooks the Wardha River.

The pilgrimage is held for two days.

Devotees walk to Kaundinyapur in large groups wearing the traditional Marathi caps. They chant and sing abhangs. Women devotees perform the fugdi dance during the pilgrimage.