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Goddess Bishohori – Information about Serpent Maa Bisho Hori

Goddess Bishohori (Bishari) is the serpent goddess and is worshipped in the northeastern parts of India. She is also known as Monosha. Maa Bisho Hori literally means one who takes away poison.

It is believed that Goddess Bishohori protects people from snake bites. She is also a fertility goddess who blesses devotees with healthy children. Today, she is also worshipped for happy and peaceful life. She is also worshipped for good agriculture.

The Goddess is quite similar to the famous Mansa Devi worshipped in Bengal.

The most famous temple dedicated to Goddess Bishohori is located at Nartiang in the Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya.

Worship area of the goddess can also be found in the homes of devotees.

The most important festival dedicated to the Goddess is held during Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha.