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Dakshin Kashi Wai in Satara in Maharashtra - Temples and Ghats at Wai

Wai, which is located around, 33 km from Satara in Maharashtra is known as Dakshin Kashi or the Kashi of South. The place gets the name ‘Dakshin Kashi’ thanks to ghats and temples which make the place look like a replica of Kashi (Varanasi). There are seven important ghats at Wai and more than 100 temples.

If it is Ganga River at Varanasi, it is Krishna River at Wai.

Ghats, steps, at Wai are located on the Krishna River and it is the most famous feature that it shares with Kashi. There are several minor ghats and numerous small temples – many of them are small and badly maintained.

The most famous temple at Wai is not dedicated to Shiva like in Varanasi but to his son Ganesha. The temple is referred to as Mahaganapati Temple or Dholya Ganapati. The temple has one of the largest Ganesha murti in Maharashtra – nearly 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

There is also a Kashi Vishweshwar Temple on the banks of Krishna at Wai. The temple is noted for its huge Nandi and Deepasthamb – two lamp posts.

These two important temples are located opposite to each other.

Apart from this there are numerous small temples on the banks of Krishna River. Some scholars claim that there are around 365 temples at Wai.

The most important Ghats are Gangapuri, Madhi Aali, Ganpati Aali, Dharmapuri, Brahmanshahi, Ramdoh and Bhimkund.

The temples of Kaunteshwar, Chakreshwar, Kaleshwar and Chimneshwar are located on Brahmanshahi Ghat.

Vithal Mandir and Ganapati Temple are located at Brahmanshahi Ghat.

Shiva Temple, Dwarka Temple, Bahirob Temple, Dattatreya Temple are located on Gangapuri Ghat.

Ganpati Aali or Ganesh Ghat is home to the famous Dholya Ganapati and Kashi Vishweshwar Temple.

At Dharmapuri Ghat one can see the Vishnu and Mahalakshmi Temples.

Rokdoba temple is another important shrine here.

Krishna Mandir and the Govardhan Sanstha (Goshala), which is more than 100 years old, are also located at Wai.