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Tarabalam – What is Tarabalam in Hindu Astrology?

Tarabalam is mainly followed in South India, especially in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and by some communities in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Tarabalam in Hindu astrology is associated with the Nakshatra or the birth stars. It is used to find a good period for an individual for various purposes including marriage. A person born in X Nakshatra can calculate and find out whether performing marriage, buying, selling extra is good in Y Nakshatra.

There are totally nine types of Tarabalam's in Hindu Astrology. They are

  1. Janma Tara
  2. Sampath Tara
  3. Vipath Tara
  4. Kshema Tara
  5. Pratyak Tara
  6. Saadhana Tara
  7. Nidhana Tara
  8. Mitra Tara
  9. Parama mitra Tara
Sampth Tara, Kshema Tara, Saadhana Tara, Mitra Tara and Parama Mitra Tara are good for all purposes.

To Calculate Tarabalam: (Avoid doing it as it is really complicated)

Count the number of stars from the birth star or janma nakshatra to the Nakshatra on the muhurtha day and time. Then divide the number by 9. The reminder will be the Tarabalam. This is bit complicated. So there are tables prepared to find the Good Tarabalam for a particular birth star.