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Story Of Jambavan And Vamana Avatar

Jambavan is the wise bear who is part of the Vanara army led by Sugriva and Hanuman. Jambavan is also a chiranjeevi, one who has no death. The story of Jambavan and Vamana Avatar of Bhagvan Vishnu is found in the Puranas. It narrates how Jambavan lost all his strength.

When Bhagvan Vishnu appeared as Sri Ram, Jambavan was very old. In Ramayana he symbolizes wisdom and patience.

It is said that Jambavan had witnessed the Vamana Avatar of Vishnu. He saw Vishnu pushing asura-king Bali to Patala or the netherworld.

Vamana, the dwarf, turned into Trivikrama, the unimaginable size and measured the three worlds in two steps. Jambavan who was very strong then. When he witnessed this divine event, he wanted to go around Trivikrama.

While doing the circumambulation he accidentally crashed into the Trivikrama form and got injured. Due to this injury he lost all his strength.

It is believed that Jambavan was earlier as powerful as Hanuman and could do all the divine leelas of Hanuman.