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Overcoming The Fear Of Future

Sometimes we are overpowered by the unknown fear – that something bad is going to happen. This fear is about the immediate future. This fear is the result of deep attachment to materialistic things – money, career, relationship or social status…As per Hinduism, overcoming the fear of future also means wiping out a part of ignorance blocking the light of truth.

The unknown fear often causes many problems in the present. We become insecure – this results in us becoming irritant or moody. Quite often we become angry and this spoils our present and relationships.

Realize that the external circumstance that is the cause for fear is in future. It is created by our mind. We are being overcautious. Always remember worrying about future in the present is not going to be of any help. We have no control over the future so it is better to go doing our job rather that sitting and brooding over something that is just our imagination.

Irrational fears should be discussed with spouse, parents or friends. They might have better things to suggest.

If the fear is so overpowering, then only option is distraction. Start doing everyday simple tasks. Take a break. Get into the crowd. Travel to the market. Walk in the city…you will come across thousands who have no time to bother about future as they don’t know what their present is.

Fear of future always blossoms when we are confined…when our world is limited. When we expand it; there will be no fear.

Abhilash Rajendran