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Names of the 7 hills of Tirupati

The Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple is surrounded by seven hills. The names of the 7 hills are:

Seshadri, (Seshachala)
Neeladri, (Vedachala)
Garudadri, (Garudachala)
Vrishabhadri, (Vrishabhachala)
Narayanadri (Narayanachala)
Anjanadri (Anjanachala)
Venkatadri (Venkatachala) – the Venkateswara temple is located on this hill.

The Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple, one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in India, sits majestically atop a range of seven hills, each bearing its own significance and name.

Seshadri (Seshachala): Also known as Seshachala, this hill is believed to be the abode of Adisesha, the serpent deity upon whom Lord Vishnu rests. It symbolizes divine protection and eternal support.

Neeladri (Vedachala): Neeladri, or Vedachala, signifies the essence of knowledge and wisdom. It is said that spiritual seekers find enlightenment and transcendence in the serenity of this hill.

Garudadri (Garudachala): Named after Garuda, the divine eagle and vahana (vehicle) of Lord Vishnu, Garudadri represents strength, courage, and the unwavering devotion of Garuda towards his lord.

Vrishabhadri (Vrishabhachala): Vrishabhadri, or Vrishabhachala, embodies the qualities of stability and determination. It is associated with the steadfastness and commitment required on the spiritual path.

Narayanadri (Narayanachala): Narayanadri, or Narayanachala, is a manifestation of Lord Narayana, symbolizing His eternal presence and omnipotence. It inspires devotees to recognize the divine within themselves and in all creation.

Anjanadri (Anjanachala): Anjanadri, or Anjanachala, is named after Anjana, the mother of Lord Hanuman. It represents maternal love, protection, and the boundless strength derived from devotion.

Venkatadri (Venkatachala): The crown jewel among the seven hills, Venkatadri, or Venkatachala, is home to the renowned Venkateswara Temple, where Lord Venkateswara (a form of Lord Vishnu) presides. This hill radiates divine grace, compassion, and the fulfillment of devotees' prayers.

These seven hills collectively form a sacred landscape that has drawn millions of pilgrims for centuries, offering spiritual solace, divine blessings, and a sense of profound connection with the divine.