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Give Space in Relationships

Many relationships whether it be marriage or friendship often run into trouble when there is no space. By Space we mean appreciating each other for the separate individuals we are. There should be personal space in romantic relationships, marriage and in friendship. When this space is missing the individual in us starts to become uncomfortable. This soon spills over and spoils everything good in our personal life so give space in relationships. 

What happens in a relationship is that we intrude upon another’s personal space. The other person feels that we are cutting into his or her personal space and freedom. This happens mainly in personal relationships and marriage.

The only solution is to respect that everyone has boundaries. When we challenge these boundaries it leads to fissures in a relationship.

In Hindu marriages it is common for husband to encroach on wife’s individual space. In some cases wives completely take over the husbands. All this is thrust in the name of caring. But actually this is not caring it is insecurity and domination.

If you want a healthy relationship – Never take another person for guarantee. Never monopolize the time of others. Never tell another person how to run their lives. Respect the time alone that your partner seeks. Respect the physical, emotional and financial freedom of your partner.

When you don’t give space your partner feels trapped. Either the person will rebel or become a puppet – both are not signs of a good relationship.

Believe it or not personal space reignites the magic in a relationship.

Give space in relationships … it is like rain in a parched land… soon you will see new flowers blooming in your relationship.

Abhilash Rajendran