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Red Shoe Flower and Goddess Kali – Why is Red Shoe Flower Offered to Goddess Kali

One of the important flowers offered to Goddess Kali is the Red Shoe Flower. There is an interesting story which answers why red shoe flower is offered to Goddess Kali.

Legend has it that Devi took the ferocious form of Goddess Kali to annihilate demons Raktabeeja. Jasun was an ardent devotee of Mother Goddess Shakti. He was impressed with the Kali form of Mother Goddess. He offered red flowers before the eyes of the Goddess. He wanted to make the Goddess look even more ferocious with deep red eyes.

Goddess Kali was pleased with red color flower offerings. She gave the boon that the red shoe flower will be one of her favorite flowers and those who offer it will have her blessings. From that day the flower was known as Jathon, Japakusam and Deviphool.

After this incident devotees started offering Red Shoe flower to Goddess Kali.