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Pahari Mandir at Ranchi – Pahari Shiva Temple atop a hill at Ranchi in Jharkhand

Pahari Mandir is located atop a hill at Ranchi in Jharkand. The temple is dedicated to Shiva. Pahari Temple is located on a hill which is associated with independence of India. The main murti is worshipped in the temple is a one foot high Shivling made of Ashtadhatu.

The first worship in the hill began in 1840 AD. Then a Naga Devata was worshipped on the hill.

The hill is also known as 'phansi ki tongari' as several freedom fighters were hanged over the hill.

The present Ashtadhatu Shivling was established in 1946 and the temple was constructed in 1949.

A unique aspect of the temple is that it observes Independence Day and Republic Day by hoisting the flag of India.

Shravan month attracts huge crowd of devotees. The full moon day or purnima is an auspicious date in the temple. Shivratri attracts maximum crowd to the temple.

There are numerous other small shrines located nearby. This includes Mahakal Mandir, Kali Mandir, Vishwanath Mandir, Hanuman Temple, Durga Temple, and a shrine dedicated to Nagas or Serpents.