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Dashaphal Vrat in Shravan Month

Dasha Phal Vrat is observed in the Shravan month mainly in North India. Dasha Phal Vrat 2024 date is July 28. Sri Krishna is worshipped on the day, especially Gopalkrishna form.

People observing the vrat ties ten threads on the hand. Puja is performed with ten Tulsi leaves.

The vrat is observed by some devotees for ten years on the same day in Sawan month.

There is no fasting on the day. Vegetarian food is eaten.

It is highly meritorious to perform food donation or annadanam on the day.

Dashaphal Vrat is observed during the Shravan Krishna Paksha Ashtami – the eighth day during the Shravan month. Ashtami Tithi should be present during sunrise to observe the vrat.