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When to end Ekadasi Fasting? – What is the correct time to end Ekadasi Fasting?

The breaking of Ekadasi fasting is known as Parana. The correct time to end Ekadasi fasting is after the sunrise on 12th day or Dwadasi. Some people end the fasting after the first quarter of the Dwadasi Tithi. Ekadasi fasting in Hindu religion is observe on the 11th day of a fortnight and is dedicated to Bhagvan Sri Maha Vishnu.

Ekadasi is the 11th day during a fortnight in a Hindu calendar.

Dwadasi is the 12th day during a fortnight in a Hindu calendar.

The simple rule to be followed is to break the fasting before Dwadasi Tithi ends. That is before the day after Ekadasi ends.

Today majority of Hindus end the fast next day morning after sunrise. Such people do not look for Tithi time.

Always remember what matters is devotion and following Dharma not how you fast and when you end fast. Follow the rules that you have been following. What is the use of fasting and if you do not have devotion and perform Adharmic activities.

We should not complicate our fasting and rituals. All this are meant to put us in the right path to self realization. The path is not the goal. Fasting is only one among the numerous means to achieve self realization.