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Sri Hosa Marigudi Temple at Kaup near Udupi in Karnataka

Dedicated to Sri Mariyamma Devi (also known as Goddess Dandinamari), Sri Hosa Marigudi Temple is a popular shrine dedicated to Mother Goddess at Kaup near Udupi in Karnataka. She is the guardian deity of the region and is famous as Hosa Marigudi of Kaup.

It is believed that when Basappa Nayaka built a fort at Kaup 1743 AD, he also brought along with him the murti of a Goddess he worshipped. She protected the fort and the soldiers. She was the protector of the various warrior classes.

Once it is said that every Tuesday night smell of jasmine flowers and sound of someone bathing came from the fort. One man happened to witness the Goddess and the goddess told him to find a place for her in the nearby region.

Thus she became the guardian deity of the region. She came with soldiers and became the protector of the land.

The murti is depicted as sitting on a lion. She is dressed in sari and wears jewelry.

The most important day in week associated with the temple is Tuesday. The temple is only open Tuesdays for important pujas – time is from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

The most important festival is held during the Navratri (September – October).

The temple is located about 13 km from Udupi and around 50 km from Mangalore. The temple is close to the National Highway 66.