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Shri Ram Janaki Temple at Buxar

Ram Janaki Temple at Buxar in Bihar is dedicated to Bhagvan Sri Ram and Mata Sita. The temple is very famous for the annual ritual of the Sri Ram Mata Sita Vivah. The unique aspect of the temple is that there is no diya or lamp in the temple. Devotees believe that the murtis will feel hot due to the diya, so they do not light any lamps in the temple. Aarti here is performed with flowers.

Ram Janaki Temple at Buxar was established by Narayanada Bhakta Mali Mamaji Maharaj in memory of his guru Maharshi Khaki Baba Maharaj.
There are murtis of Sri Ram and Mata Sita and Hanuman in the temple.

The white color temple houses the murtis in the down floor. In the upper floor of the temple there is a library with rare books.

The walls, pillar and domes of the temple are adorned with murtis of Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, Nandi and Kartik.

The marriage of Sri Ram and Mata Sita is observed on the Vivah Panchami day (November – December) annually. The festival is observed for 10 days. The bharat of Sri Ram arrives on decorated elephants and chariots. The deities are also adorned with turmeric paste during the festival.