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Indra Govinda Puja in Odisha

Indra Govinda Puja is dedicated to the famous incident of Sri Krishna lifting Govardhan Mountain and humbling Indra’s pride. Indra Govinda Puja 2024 date in Odisha is September 18.

Indra was worshipped by people for rains. Indra was arrogant and punished the people with flood if the offering were inadequate. Krishna thought Govardhan hill which was stopping the clouds and providing rains should be worshipped and not an arrogant Indra. Krishna asked people to stop worshipping Indra and offer pujas to Govardhan hill.

A furious Indra, created non-stop rain over Braj and flooded the entire region. The downpour continued for days. This was a challenge to Krishna From Indra. 

Krishna as usual met the challenge with a smile. Krishna lifted Govardhan hill with his little finger and provided shelter to humans and animals. 

Indra Govinda Puja is observed in memory of this divine event.

Indra Govinda Puja in Odisha is observed on full moon day in Bhadrapad month.