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Hidden Paintings of Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia Revealed Using Mars Rovers Technology of NASA

Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia is one of the largest temples in the world. It was a Hindu Temple in the beginning and it was later converted into a Buddhist Shrine. Now hidden paintings of Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia is revealed using Mars Rovers Technology of NASA. The ancient paintings were hidden behind natural coloration of the walls.
Antiquity reports in the latest issue

The temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia is one of the most famous monuments in the world and is noted for its spectacular bas-relief friezes depicting ceremonial and religious scenes. Recent work reported here has identified an entirely new series of images consisting of paintings of boats, animals, deities and buildings. Difficult to see with the naked eye, these can be enhanced by digital photography and decorrelation stretch analysis, a technique recently used with great success in rock art studies. The paintings found at Angkor Wat seem to belong to a specific phase of the temple's history in the sixteenth century AD when it was converted from a Vishnavaite Hindu use to Theravada Buddhist.

This technology would have helped in discovering many paintings in Hindu Temples in India had our people not painted important temples using cheap white paints. This act has badly damaged many important temples as paintings and many sculptors have been permanently damaged.