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Brahma Vivaha in Hinduism

Brahma Vivaha is the most widely accepted marriage in Hinduism. In this type of marriage the father of the bride finds a good husband for the daughter and performs the marriage. This is the most popular marriage in Hinduism and its reference can be found in the Rig Veda.

In Brahma Vivaha, the father of the bride performs the Kanyadana – giving of the daughter. The husband that the father finds will be learned, good-natured and one who follows dharma.

There is no exchange of any kind of wealth. The father decks his daughter in fine clothes and performs the Kanyadana. No kind of force or coercion was used in this type of marriage. It was also free from temptation of receiving money as dowry. This should have commenced in a developed and cultured society as the prevalent custom. The indications thereof are available in Rig Veda itself.

Today, majority of the marriages performed are a corrupt form of Brahma Vivaha. Prominence is today given to wealth, status, caste, physical beauty etc. Dharma is completely ignored. In Kali Yuga, this is bound to happen as this will lead to Adharma and the complete destruction of mankind.