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Which God Is Worshipped On Holi?

Holi the festival of colors is dedicated to worship of nature. But stories of the festival is dedicated to many Hindu Gods. So which god is worshipped on Holi?

The worship on the day is mainly dedicated to Sri Krishna and Radha in North India. Murtis of Sri Krishna and Radha in may Hindu temples are adorned with flowers and gulal on the day.

In South India, some communities offer special prayers to Shiva and Kamdev.

The victory of young Prahlad's (Narasimha Avatar) unwavering devotion is also remembered on the day. It was his unwavering devotion that helped in overcoming death at the hands of Holika (fire), poisonous snakes and poison.

Holi is the festival associated with victory of good over evil and what unwavering faith and devotion can achieve.