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Male Mahadeswara – About God Male Mahadeswara

Male Mahadeswara was a Shaivite saint who lived during the 15th century and is believed to be an incarnation of Hindu God Shiva. He performed numerous miracles during his life time. A Shivling appeared from the final resting place of the Saint and the famous Male Mahadeswara Swami Temple is built around this Shivling.

Legend has it that as a young boy, Shri Mahadeshwara cured cattle of diseases. It is said that a huge grinding stone would rotate by the mere touch of the saint. He performed numerous other miracles and is said that he used to move around on a tiger, which was his vehicle.

Shri Mahadeshwara is believed to have arrived at Male Mahadeshwara hills to protect saints who were troubled by a black magician. The area was then a dense forest surrounded by numerous hills. The saints who arrived there to meditate were imprisoned by a black magician.

Shri Mahadeshwara ventured into the dense forest and annihilated the black magician. He freed the saints and made the hills his abode. He mediated there for many years and finally left his human body. The place where he attained Samadhi saw the miracle of a Shivling appearing.

Male Mahadeswara Temple is today a very popular hill shrine and the place is also known as M M Hills.