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Is there a Hindu Mantra to get love back?

So, you are here because you lost your love. So is there a Hindu mantra to get love back? Yes there is. Like all other mantras for desire fulfilment there is also a mantra to get love back? Will it work? Or is it farce?

Will the mantra work? Yes it will if you are honest about your love. Plus you are practical and are able to view the current situation not detached from the big picture. Love is only a part of your life. But if you make it as life then no mantra can save you.

Remember love will not satisfy hunger nor will it satisfy the several other essential things in life.

The Hindu mantra to get love back is:

This mantra should be chanted after chanting the Gayatri Mantra. If you don’t know the Gayatri mantra then it is given below:

The above mantra will help you in focusing your thoughts and it will provide you with better intelligence in dealing with current situation.