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How to perform naming ceremony as per Malayali Kerala Hindu Ceremony? – How to do Malayalam Peridal ceremony?

Peridal is the naming ceremony of a child after birth among Malayali Hindu families in Kerala. It is now performed on the 28th day after the birth of the baby as per traditional Malayalam calendar. Here is a brief description of how the ceremony is performed by Malayalis in Kerala.

On the naming ceremony day, the child is bathed, dressed in new dress and is taken to a nearby temple for offering worship.

The naming ceremony is usually performed in the home.

Earlier it was the maternal uncle who used to name the baby. Today it is performed by father or grandfather.

The person performing the naming ceremony sits on a traditional wooden seat or on the ground facing east. The child is then kept in his lap.

A lighted lamp is placed in front.

Prayers are offered to Ganesha.

A betel leaf is then rounded to create a hollow in the middle.

The person then proclaims the name of the child three times, first into the right ear and again three times into the left ear through the hollow of a betel leaf.

While the name is said into one ear of the baby, the other ear should be closed with one hand of the person performing the ceremony.

After this, the child’s mother and other close relatives repeat the ceremony.

Then a thread is tied around the waist of the child.