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Hanuman is worshipped in Female Form in this Chhattisgarh Temple

At the Hanuman Temple in Girjabandh in Ratanpur District in Chhattisgarh, the Hanuman Murti worshipped is in a female form or here it is Goddess Hanuman. This is a rarest of rare Hanuman Temple. It is also a Dakshinamukhi temple (facing south). There are no other known temples where Hanuman is worshipped in female form. The Hanuman murti carries Ram on the left shoulder and Mata Sita on the right shoulder.
News 18 Chhattisgarh reports
Devotees say that the mystery of this temple lies in the story of a king Prithvi Devju who ruled Ratanpur decades back. He was a worshipper of Hanuman.
Prithvi Devju fell ill and got into depression. He dreamt of Hanuman one night where the god asked him to build his temple. He followed his orders. 
Soon after the temple was built, Hanuman once again came in Devju's dreams and asked him to pull out his idol from Mahamaya Kund and place it in the temple. When the king's workers pulled out the idol, they saw that it was Hanuman in a female avatar.