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Chandreshwar – About Chandreshwar Shivling

Chandreshwar is a manifestation of Shiva and the importance of the Chandreshwar Shivling is mentioned in the Kashi Khanda of the Skanda Purana. The popular belief is that Chandreshwar Shivling was installed by Chandra, the moon good, to propitiate Shiva. Legend has it that Chandra who had lost his luster due to the curse of Daksha was saved by Shiva when he cured him and gave him space in his head.

Chandreshwar Shivling is installed at Varanasi. It is also part of the Navgraha Shivling in the city.

Legend has it that after installing the Shivling, Chandra offered prayers for several years. Finally Shiva appeared before Chandra and gave the blessing of his eternal presence in the Shivling.

It is considered highly meritorious to offer prayers to the Shivling on the full moon day (Purnima).

Near the Chandreshwar Shivling is located a well which is believed to have been dug by Chandra. The water in it is considered holy. People take bath with the holy water on Somavati Amavasya – No moon day on Monday. Those who are unable to perform Shradh to ancestors can get relief by taking bath from the water in well. The well is known as Chandra Khoop.

Chandreshwar Shivling is located near the Scindia Ghat. Another important temple nearby is the Siddheshwari Temple.