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Ashta Sakhi – The Eight Friends and Companions of Radha

‘Ashta’ means eight and ‘Sakhi’ mean friends. Ashtasakhis are the eight friends and companions of Radha. Ashta Sakhi concept is found in the Vaishnava Texts associated with Gaudiya and Vallabha sects.

The female companions are considered as the personification of Krishna’s blissful aspect – this personification is known as Hladini Shakti.

The Ashta Sakhis are Lalita, Vishakha, Campakalata, Chitra, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi and Sudevi. In some text the names Chitra, Sudevi, Tungavidya and Indulekha are replaced by Sumitra, Sundari, Tungadevi and Indurekha.

Vaishnava scriptures are of the view that the eight friends are spiritual evolved beings. They are worshipped and given statues of minor deities.

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