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Vetala in Hinduism – About Vetalas in Hindu Religion

Vetala is a very powerful semi-demonic being in Hinduism. In Hindu religion, they are also worshipped in some temples. As per Hindu scriptures, Vetalas are attendants of Virabhadra – the fierce being that was created by Shiva. They have numerous magical powers.

It is also believed that Vetalas are subordinates to Hindu deities like Goddess Kali, Hanuman, Ganesha and Virabhadra.

Some scriptures mention that Vetalas fought along with Mother Goddess Durga against the demons. They help the numerous manifestations of the Goddess Shakti in their fight against the demons.

It is believed that Vetalas reside in corpse and they are offered wine, meat, and similar food items.

Some people propitiate Vetala to find hidden treasures and to cause harm to enemies. It is believed that Vetalas can find treasures and they can also possess the mind and body of a person and cause harm.

The most popular stories of Vetala are found in the Pancavismati Katha – stories of Vikramaditya and Vetala. In these stories Vetala are intelligent beings.

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