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Gopi Chandan – Yellow Color Chandan Worn On Forehead By Hindus

Gopi Chandan is a yellow color mud that is worn as chandan on the forehead by Hindu devotees. The mud is yellow in color and looks like sandal paste. Gopichandana mud is found in many parts of India especially at Gopi near Dwaraka in Gujarat.

It is worn mainly by Saivite Brahmins and by the followers of the Chaitanya School of Vaishnavism.

Importance of Gopichandana is mentioned in the ‘Gopichandana Upanishad.’ The text narrates the importance of the mud. Some devotees wear it on forehead and hands. Some devotees also smear it all over the body.

Please note that Gopichandana should not be mistaken with turmeric powder which is widely used in Khandoba Temples in Maharashtra and Naga Temples in South India. The yellow of color of turmeric is different from the yellow color of Gopichandana mud.

Benefits Of Gopi Chandan 

It soothes the mind.
It helps in controlling anger.
Wearing Gopi Chandan on forehead is good for those who are easily swayed by emotions.
It helps in having a peaceful day.