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Vinadhara Dakshinamurti – About the Manifestation of Vinadhara Dakshinamurti form of Shiva

Shiva Vinadhara Dakshinamurti is one of four manifestation of Dakshinamurti. Shiva as Dakshinamurti is the supreme teacher of ultimate awareness, understanding, and knowledge. Veenadhara means one carries the musical instrument Veena. As Vinadhara Dakshinamurti, Shiva expounds on the timeless principles of vocal and instrumental music, which is known to lead to liberation or moksha.

In Hindu tradition, music is compared to yogic practice and both involve the control of breath, mental absorption, and the ultimate release from all obsessions of the mind.

Shiva as Vinadhara Dakshinamurti is depicted as having four hands. The lower left hand holds the neck of the Veena and the lower right hand is plucking the strings of Veena. The upper left hand sometimes hold a axe or trident. The upper right hand holds noose or skull.

"Dakshinamurti" literally means "one who faces south." In Hinduism, South is the direction associated with change, transformation, and renewal.