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Tirumantiram in English – Download English Translation of Thirumantiram in English in pdf format

Tirumantiram is considered the final authority on subtle matters of philosophy and theology in Shaiva Siddhanta. The original text is in Tamil. Now  you can download the Download English Translation of Tirumantiram in English in pdf format. The book is provided for free by Himalayan Academy.

Examples from the book

Love Profound
Howe'er well the two garlics and musk boil and mix,
Yet will musk's fragrance stand overtopping all,
So may all space mix and hold the God as One,
Yet, upwelling, pours forth Isan's love profound.

Illusions Vanish
The Birthless is He, the Divine Mad, of Compassion vast,
The Deathless is He, the Boundless One, Granter of Joys all,
To Him kneel, and, kneeling, shall find
Naught becomes Maya, the bond immemorial.