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Book on Hanuman for Children – The Mighty Tale of Hanuman

The Mighty Tale of Hanuman is authored by Saker Mistri and Mamta Dalal Mangaldas and the book is aimed at children between the age of six and ten. The highlight of the book is the use of 18th century Ramayana Paintings from the Mehrangarh Museum Trust.

The book is also for a good cause as all the profit from the sale of the book will be used to support girl child literacy in Rajasthan.

The paintings used in this book were originally commissioned by Maharaja Vijai Singh of Jodhpur - between 1752 and 1793.
Mumbai Mirror reports
Mistri and Mangaldas both believe that art should not be scary for children. According to Mangaldas, artistically inclined children are left behind due to the big gap in curriculum when it comes to art. The main idea behind this project is to foster an appreciation for art using the popular tale of Ramayana as a comfortable base.