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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 - Verse 29 – An Explanation

I am impartial to all the created beings, I have neither any friend nor any foe. But they who worship Me by virtue of Spiritual Absorption are in Me and also I am in them – Chapter 9 Verse 29

By this the Lord sets forth His particular relationship with His Spiritual workers and also the general relation with the whole world. Many people come forward with an accusation here that the Gita bears no definite truth at all; because in the first line of this verse the Lord says that He has neither any friend nor any foe, again in the second line He contradicts His first statement by saying that His Spiritual worshippers are in Him and He is in them. Therefore it is apparent, as they say that He is subject to flattery.

This is not the case. For example; - A king is the common friend to all his subjects: this is his general favor towards his people. But a man who is his most competent minister can always live with the king: this is the special favor of the king towards his worker.

Or as fire is inherent in wood and is indifferent to all. A man who knows the process of procuring it as well as its proper use, can easily enjoy all sorts of benefits from it. But a man ignorant of the said process my even die from its misuse. Similarly the Supreme Lord is the common friend and impartial judge of all; this is but his General Manifestation. But a Yogi can attain His Special Communion by the strength of this own Spiritual Action just as a lens or burning glass can catch the heat of the sun.

SourceSrimad Bhagavad Gita The Solution of Life Problems – Annotated by Bengali Baba – Published in 1950