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Kansra Devi Temple at Chakradharpur in Jharkhand – Chakradharpur Kansra Devi Mandir

Kansra Devi Temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti and is located in a serene spot surrounded by hills and forest near Chakradharpur in West Singhbhum District in Jharkhand. The temple is located around 15 km from Chakradharpur. The murti worshipped in the temple is very old but the temple was recently built.

Legend has it that Goddess Shakti appeared as Kansra Devi in the dream of local Munda king. She told him that her murti (idol) is buried in the nearby Binjay River and ordered him to do the needful. The king did as per the request of Goddess Shakti and built her a temple.

The murti of Goddess Kansra Devi worshipped in the temple is black in color and she has a child in her lap.

The temple is open from morning to 2 PM in the afternoon.

A unique aspect of the temple is that there is no evening aarti or puja in the temple.

Couples offer prayers in the temple with supari for getting a child.

The temple also accepts sacrifices – goat, hen, cock, duck and sheep are sacrificed in the temple.

The most important day in the temple is Tuesday. Mother is offered kheer on the day. Coconut, laddoo and other sweets are also offered as part of Prasad or bhog.

The most auspicious day in a year is the Raja Sankranti (Rojo Sankrant) which is observed on May 14. On this day Goddess is offered red color sari, bangles, vermilion and ghee.