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Ganesha Murti (Idol) made of 21 lakh Shivlingi Seeds

Shivlingi Seeds are so named because the seeds resemble Shiva Lingam. Jagjit Singh Chhabra, based in Indore, created a 3-feet murti of Ganesha using Shivling seeds. The murti is unique and the effort put behind it is monstrous because the dimension of the Shivlingi seed is 5.5 mm in length, 3.5 mm in width and 3.5mm in height. He used 2,100,000 (21 lakh) seeds to create the 3-feet Ganesh murti.

Shivlingi is a medical plant found in India. Botanical name is Bryonia laciniosa Linn. In English, it is known as Diplocyclos palmatus, Lollipop climber, and Native bryony.

Shivlingi plant with frruit
Shivlingi is known as Linga konde balli in Kannada; Aiviralikkova and Neyyunni in Malayalam; Aiviralikkovai, Shivalingakkay, Iyveli in Tamil and Linga Donda in Telugu.

Shivling seeds