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Chakradhar Swami – Information on Chakradhar Swami and the Mahanubhav Panth

Chakradhar Swami is the founder of Mahanubhav Panth. The sect was founded during the medieval period in Maharashtra. The five revered deities or personalities of the sect are known in Marathi as Pancha Krishna – Sri Krishna, Dattatreya, Changa Deo Raul (Chakrapabi), Govinda Prabhu (a saint of the sect) and Chkradhar. Information of Chakradhar Swami is found in the Marathi Lal Charita, the life of the great saint recorded by his disciples.

Nothing concrete is known about the birth and origin of Chakradhar Swami. It is believed that Mahanubhav Panth existed during the period of Chakradhar Swami. He spread it far and wide and turned it into a mass movement.

Chakradhar Swami’s teaching in Marath was simple. He asked people to shed materialistic achievements and pursuit of worldly happiness.

The sect was against worship using Murti. He asked people to know the Real Truth and Be in Touch with That through love and devotion.

Mahanubhav Panth follows the Dwaita Philosophy – it preaches that God and man are two separate identities.

Ridhpur in Amravati District in Maharashtra is the most revered place of Mahanubhav Panth.