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Bhrigu Keshav – About Manifestation of Vishnu as Bhrigu Keshav

Bhrigu Keshav is a manifestation of Vishnu. This manifestation is associated with Sage Bhrigu. Legend has it that Sage Bhrigu had once kicked on the chest of Vishnu to wake him up in the Vaikunta. Vishnu was not at all angry with his Bhakta, Sage Bhrigu. The murti of Bhrigu Keshav is associated with Sage Bhrigu’s Bhakti for Vishnu.

The murti of Bhrigu Keshav has four hands and is black in color. The murti holds chakra, gada, shankh and lotus.

In the Bhrigu Keshav form, Vishnu is always alert and he guards the universe.

One of the important temples dedicated to Bhrigu Keshav is located in Varanasi.

The popular belief is that by worshiping this form of Vishnu one will be blessed with prosperity.