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Unique Rudra Shiv Murti – Idol – at Devrani-Jethani Temple complex in Chhattisgarh

Rudra Shiva Murtis (Idol) are very rare. Devrani-Jethani Temple complex is located at Talegaon village, also known as Talagram and Amerikapagram. The temple is around 90 km from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh State in India. The temple houses Rudra Shiv Murti – one of the earliest known forms of Shiva.

Seven-foot-tall image of Rudra Shiva is believed to be one of its kind in the world. Creation, sustenance and destruction continuously takes place in Rudra Shiva.
Deccan Herald reports
The idol, placed under lock and key, is believed to weigh well over five tons and is characteristic of the tantric cult much in practice among the villagers and tribals of the region in those times.
The anatomy of the idol is a curious mix of the Almighty’s creation at all levels — amphibians to avian to mammals! While nothing is known about the artiste who created this masterpiece, it may be surmised that the serpent was his favorite subject. A pair of coiled serpents represents the head gear. 
Serpent hoods adorn the shoulders, which come down to the arms in the form of a crocodile with serpents forming the fingertips. The snake also serves as motif for the waist band and the left leg which it entwines. A lizard in descent forms the nose of the idol, whose ears are adorned by peacocks. Frogs’ eyes, fish as moustache and crab for beard, complete the face.
Seven human heads of varying sizes bedeck various parts of the torso. The largest of these forms the abdomen while a pair of smaller ones serves as the chest. Each thigh is sculpted with a pair of smiling heads on its front and exterior sides. The knee is portrayed by heads of the lion. The head and neck of a tortoise denote the genitalia. The feet of the idol are represented by the elephant, symbolic of the might holding up the entire being!