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Sugriva Fighting Ravana in the Ramayana

Before the actual battle in the Ramayana begins, Sugriva acts impulsively and jumps toward Lanka to fight Ravana. In anger he rushes towards Ravana who was standing on the terrace of his palace.

Ravana was surprised by the visit of Sugriva. But Ravana gained his composure and got hold of Sugriva and pushed him to the ground.

Sugriva then caught hold of Ravana and threw him down.

The two then was engaged in wrestling and both were wounded.

When Ravana realized that he cannot defeat Sugriva in combat, he adapted Maya (magic). Ravana began to disappear and appear to confuse Sugriva.

Sugriva who realized his limitations jumped back to where the Vanara army was stationed.

Rama then chided Sugriva for acting impulsively. Rama said that he cannot bear the loss of Sugriva and he should not act rashly again.