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Story of Monkey King Bali (Vali) and Ravana

Monkey King Bali or Vali, the brother of Sugriva in the Ramayana, was the ruler of Kishkinda. One of the most popular images of King Bali is that of him dragging the ten-headed Ravana. The story of Bali and Ravana is very popular as it is funny and also teaches the valuable lesson that arrogance only leads to downfall.

Bali had got the boon that he would get half the strength of his opponent who he chooses to fight. Ravana who heard about this wanted to kill Bali as the demon king thought that Bali would be a threat to him in future.

Ravana decided to kill Bali from behind when he went to take bath in the sea. He thought that the monkey could be easily overpowered. He then reached Kishkinda.

Ravana found Bali meditating on the seashore one morning and slowly reached him from behind. The idea of Ravana was to hold Bali by his tail and hit him on the ground and kill him.

Bali who realized the presence of Ravana behind him did not move. Instead he slowly put his long tail across the body of Ravana. Ravana too thought it as a good opportunity to grab the tail. But within seconds Ravana found himself bound to the tail of Bali.

Bali then immediately jumped into the sea with Ravana. He then jumped into the skies. Then to the mountains. He then went to his city of Kishkinda and moved around visiting all places. All this time Ravana was bound to his tail. He was bruised as he had to pass through high trees and rocks.

The women and children in the kingdom started following Bali. They were amused by the sight of the ten-headed king getting smashed on to trees and mountains. Children started poking the demon king.

Finally, Ravana asked for forgiveness. King Bali then released Ravana. Thus arrogant Ravana was a taught a lesson.