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Pippalada Shiva – Story of the Pipalad manifestation of Shiva

Story of the Pippalada Shiva manifestation of Shiva is associated with Sage Dadhichi sacrificing and courting death for saving Devas. Shiva as Pipalad was born as the son of Dadhichi and Suvarcha.

Legend has it that a demon named Vritrasura was creating havoc in heaven and earth. To defeat him, Indra needed to make a special weapon. Brahma told that the weapon can be created only from the bones of Sage Dadhichi.

Sage Dadhichi offered prayers to Shiva and sacrificed himself. From the backbone of the Sage, divine architect Vishwakarma created the weapon Vajra. Indra used this weapon to annihilate demon Vritrasura.

Suvarcha was angry on hearing the news of the death of her husband. She decided to jump into the pyre of her husband. But suddenly a voice from sky stated that she was carrying the child of the Sage in her womb.

It is said that Suvarcha tore open her stomach and the embryo in womb came out. It was so bright that it lit up the entire universe. It was none other than Shiva.

Suvarcha offered prayers to this form of Shiva and placed it under a fig tree. She then jumped into the pyre of her husband.

The embryo that was placed under the fig tree was visited by all Gods including Brahma. It was Brahma who named the embryo Pipalad.

In due course of time the embryo became an infant.

It performed intense austerities for the welfare of the people. He became famous in the world as Pippalada Rishi.

Pippalada Shiva is protector of all those people who are under the influence of Shani. It is said that Pippalad had warned Shani that he should not cause pain to Shiva devotees. He also warned Shani not to torment those who are under the age of sixteen otherwise Shani will be turned into ashes.