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Periya Kandi Amman Temple at Veerapur near Trichy in Tamil Nadu

Periya Kandi Amman Temple is located at Veerapur which is around 14 km from Manapparai in Trichy District in Tamil Nadu. Legend has it that a five-headed snake did penance at Veerapur to get Goddess Parvati has daughter. Goddess Parvati was pleased with the penance and she was born as Periya Kandi Amman.

It is said that Periya Kandi Amman was a eunuch. Periya Kandi Amman then did penance to get rid of the form and appear as female. Shiva then appeared before her and told that two brothers will be killed in the region and when their sister appears before her she will get back her female form.

Long time later the area was ruled by Ponnar and Shankar. A neighboring ruler named Thalayur Kali was jealous of the brothers. He used various trick to create fight between the brothers. Finally he succeeded in killing one of the brothers. The other brother hearing about the news of the death of his brother killed himself.

The sister of the brothers came crying to Periya Kandi Amman temple. On witnessing her, Periya Kandi Amman shed her eunuch form.

People in the lineage of Ponnar and Shankar are the worshippers of Goddess Periya Kandi Amman.

It is believed that she blesses her devotees with Peace and Prosperity.

The Goddess also protects people from enemies. She also blesses childless couples with healthy children.

Periya Kandi Amman murti is housed in a separate temple as her puja is strictly vegetarian.

Around half a kilometer from the Periya Kandi Amman Temple there are temples dedicated to Ponnar, Shankar, their sister, Thangal, and the six maids of Amman facing north. In another temple facing east, Karuppannachami is consecrated. There two temples without roof or walls to Mahamuni and Veeramaha Muni, who are both guardian Gods.

The most important festival in the temple is held in Maasi Month.