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Mathura Kaliamman Temple - Madurakalimman at Siruvachur near Maduari in Tamil Nadu

Mathura Kaliamman Temple at Siruvachur near Madurai in Tamil Nadu is associated with the famous Kannagi legend. This is a highly powerful Shakti Shrine. People who have offered prayers here and led a dharmic life enjoy the blessing of Kaliamman. She protects her devotees and blesses them with peace and prosperity.

Story of Mathura Kaliamman Temple
Legend has it that Kanngai’s husband Kovalan was falsely accused of stealing and he was beheaded by the Mathura King. Kannagi in anger is believed to have burnt the Madurai city and arrived at the village where the present Mathura Kaliamman Temple is located.

Here there was a temple dedicated to Selliamman but she was under the control of an evil magician. Kannagi invokes Mathurai Kali Amman her family deity. She helps her in killing the magician.

Selliamman then asked Kannagi to stay in the temple as Mathura Kali Amman. Selliamman went to nearby Periasamy Hills.

Kannagi agreed to stay in temple but she said she will give darshan to devotees only on Monday and Friday, rest of the days she will be staying at Periasamy Hills with Selliamman.

It is also said that Mother Goddess Shakti gave darshan to Adi Shankaracharya here. Siddhars have worshipped Goddess Kali here. A Sri Chakra was also installed here by Sadashiva Brahamendrar.

The important festivals in the temple are Aadi Perukku, Navratri, Diwali, Tuesdays and Fridays in Puratassi Month and Karthigai Tirunal. The most important temple festival is held on the first Tuesday after No moon day (Amavasya) in the month of Chithirai.

Another interesting legend associated with the temple is that five rishis used to offer prayers to Goddess Kali on the foothills of Madhira Mali. Goddess Kali was impressed by their austerities and appeared before them. The Rishis asked Goddess Kali to make her abode near a tree. The tree had honey combs and honey used to fall on Goddess Kali. As the Goddess Kali murti was covered with honey she came to be known as Mathura Kaliamman Temple.

The temple is open to public only on Monday and Friday.

Location – Siruvachur is located on the Trichy – Chennai highway. The temple is around 42 km from Trichy.