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7000-year-old Nandeeshwara Temple at Malleswaram – Buried and Discovered Recently

Nandeeshwara Temple at Malleswaram near Bangalore was buried underneath. When people removed the soil what they found was a 7000-year-old temple in perfect condition.

Nandeeshwara Temple is enclosed within a stone cut courtyard supported by stone pillars. At the far end of the courtyard, a Nandi was carved out of a black stone with eyes painted in gold. From its mouth a clear stream of water flowed directly on to a shivalinga made out of the same black stone at a lower level.

The temple is located at 17th Cross area in Malleswaram. 
Times of India reports 
There were steps that led to a small pool in the centre of the courtyard where the water flowed and collected. The pool's centre had a 15 feet deep whirlpool.  
Everything remains the same today. Nobody knows where the water comes from and how it passes from the mouth of the nandi idol on to the shivalinga. Nobody knows how the whirlpool came into being. The source of water, the sculptor, even the time when it was built remains a mystery. 
"There has been no scientific explanation for the source of water till date," says resident shivalingaiah. "Some say it was built by Shivaji Maharaj. Some say it's older. But of one thing we were sure, the temple has remained untouched over the years. We found it exactly as it might have been before it was covered by soil," he adds.