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Vaikuntha Loka – About Vaikuntha the Spiritual Heaven in Hinduism

Vaikuntha Loka in Hinduism is the abode of Bhagavan Vishnu and it is the spiritual heaven – those who attained moksha or liberation permanently reside here as they have escaped from the cycle of birth and death. They have no rebirth.

It is said that in Vaikuntha consists of only pure goodness – Satvam. It is self luminous and the entire region has a golden color. The darkness of ignorance cannot penetrate Vaikuntha.

Description of Vaikuntha Loka

Some holy scriptures describe Vaikuntha Loka. The texts indicate that there exists a very large twelve storey golden temple which is resplendent as a thousand suns. The temple is made of pure gold and its pillars and windows are studded with precious stones. Decorated with thousands of golden lotuses, the temple houses nectar-filled rivers. In the temple, Vishnu resides with his consorts. The temple is occupied by all those living beings that have attained moksha through self realization.

It must be noted that the concept of Vaikuntha is not accept by all schools of Hindu teaching.

Vaikuntha Loka Symbolism

Symbolically, Vaikunta is on earth. It is present in all living beings. Those that strive for it realize it. They then permanently reside in the Vaikunta that they realized on earth. World becomes Vaikunta for us when we are no longer under the influence of senses and darkness of ignorance.