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Sitikantha – About Lord Shiva As Sitikanthan

Sitikantha is one among the numerous names of Shiva. Mahadev got this name when he destroyed the Daksha Yajna after the death of Goddess Sati. Unable to hear the insults hurled on Shiva by her father Daksha, Goddess Sati jumped into the fire and got self immolated.

Goddess Sati's death aroused unimaginable fury in Shiva. He became Rudra and destroyed everything in Daksha Yajna. Shiva thrust his flaming trident continuously on Daksha and on all those who came in his path. He thus burnt everything in the yajna.

An angry Shiva then threw the trident in fury and it fell near the Ashram of the Nara And Narayana at Badrinath with terrific force. The glow from the weapon was so powerful that the hair on the head of Narayana turned green,

Narayana then threw the trident back and it returned to Shiva howling.

Shiva who was still spitting fire in anger ran up to Narayana. To stop the fury of Shiva, Narayana seized him by his throat and hence the name Sitikantha.