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Meeting of Parashurama and Sri Rama in the Ramayana

Meeting of Parashurama and Sri Rama in the Ramayana is awe inspiring - two avatars of Vishnu meeting on earth. One was calm and serene another angry like the thunder. The meeting happens when Sri Ram was returning to Ayodhya with Mata Sita after their marriage in Mithila. They meet in the middle of a forest.

Sage Vasishta offers Arghya to Parashuram. Dasharatha pleads him to spare them.

Parashuram goes straight to Sri Ram and says that he has been hearing lot of the prowess of him. You broke the bow of Mahadeva at Mithila. I want to see your prowess.

He offers his bow and asks to life it, string it and shoot an arrow with it. This bow like the bow of Mahadeva was built by Vishwakarma and was used by Vishnu.

Parashuram also states that if he cannot lift the bow then he should either fight him or accept defeat.

Rama was standing silent during the entire episode.

Sri Rama then took the bow and arrow from Parashurama with ease. He strung the bow and fixed an arrow to it.

All of it seemed to child’s play to Sri Ram

Parashuram felt his strength ebbing away. He accepted he was vanquished. He then gave all this Tapas and strength to Rama and went away to the Mahendra Mountain.