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Story Of The Curse – Reason Why Narada Wanders Around the Earth?

Sage Narada always wanders around the earth and never resides in a single location. It is said that the Narada is forced to wander around the earth due to a curse by Daksha Prajapati. Brahma asked Daksha to create subjects or living beings. He thus created Devas, hermits, Asuras, serpents and numerous other living beings from his mind.

But none of the subjects created by Daksha Prajapati was procreating. So he decided to create subjects through the coition of male and female. He thus had five thousand sons by his wife Akini. They were called the Haryasvas. They were to procreate but Sage Narada appeared before them. He suggested to them that they were mere children and they did not have any knowledge of the ways of the world. He told them that they had the power to go up, down and sideways. So they should first try to find the beginning and end of the universe.

They took the advice of Sage Narada and went in different directions and never returned.

Daksha again begot thousand sons by Asikni and they were called Sabalasvas.

Sage Narada again used the same trick and scattered them around the universe.

Daksha could not tolerate the interference of Sage Narada and got angry with Narada and cursed him to roam around the earth like his children Haryasvas and Sabalasvas. From that day onward Sage Narada did not have a home and became a permanent wanderer.

After this incident Daksha begot sixty daughters by Askini. The daughters were given in marriage to various saints and Chandra, the moon god. Procreation on earth took place naturally through them.

Sage Narada only wanted to make Daksha wise. Daksha had the power to create but he was not doing it right as he was always creating only males. New life on earth can only appear through females.