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Sri Durga Yantra - Benefits

Sri Durga Yantra as the name indicates is associated with Mother Goddess Durga. Yantra in Hindu tradition is a geometric composition used as a tool in meditation. It belongs to the Hindu Tantric tradition especially to the Shakti cult. Yantra is also the visual representation of the deity.

Benefits of Durga Yantra

  1. Grants peace and prosperity to devotees that follow Dharma.
  2. Helps in defeating enemies and overcoming difficulties.
  3. Fulfillment of desires.
  4. The popular belief is that Mother Goddess Herself takes over the protection of the devotees who worship Sri Durga Yantra by following Dharma.

Where can the Sri Durga Yantra be placed?

The Yantra can be placed at home, office, shops, factories, work cubicle etc.