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Goddess Lalita – About Hindu Goddess Lalitha

Lalita is one among the numerous forms of Mother Goddess Shakti. Lalitha is also one of the names of Goddess Sarasvati. She is a kind, calm and serene form of Mother Goddess Shakti. The most important prayer dedicated to Goddess Shakti is known as Lalitha Sahasranama.

As per scriptures, Goddess Lalita is depicted in a standing posture, with four arms. The left arms hold mirror and conch and right arms hold fruit and a box containing beauty product for eyes.

Agni Purana mentions that when Goddess Parvati is wearing a crown and holding beads she is referred to as Lalitha.

It must be noted that certain schools of thought give the name Lalitha Devi to the form of Mother Goddess that went into battle against demon Bhandasura.