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Goddess Kanaka Durga – How Goddess Got The Name Kanakadurga?

Mother Goddess Shakti is worshipped in the form of Kanakadurga in the famous Kanaka Durga Temple near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The popular belief is that Goddess Kanakadurga grants the wishes of her devotees immediately.

Legend has it that a Yaksha named Indrakeela worshipped Goddess Shakti. His unwavering devotion got the blessing of Goddess. She granted Indrakeela Her eternal presence to him. The Yaksha then assumed the form of a hill and Goddess resided on the hill.

Kanaka Durga Temple is located on the Indrakiladri Hill.

How Goddess Got The Name Kanakadurga?

Long ago King Madhava Varma ruled the present region of the temple. Once the prince of the kingdom was convicted of killing infants. The king ordered his son to be hanged till death. Pleased with his righteousness, Devi showered gold and resurrected the dead infants. Thereafter, Vijayawada came to be known as Kanakapuri and Amba as Kanakadurga.

Scholars explain that Goddess Kanakadurga represents the combined form of nine navadurgas and nine baladurgas.

The goddess is closely associated with the Brahmacharini form of Navadurga.

Some Puranas also suggest that Goddess Durga after annihilating Demon Mahishasura started residing in the Indrakiladri Hill.

The murti of Kanakadurga has eight arms and is Swayambhu – appeared on its own.