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Lanka Lakshmi – Story of Lankalakshmi

Lanka Lakshmi due to a curse was forced to lead the life of a security personnel in the palace of Ravana, the demon king. She was given the duty of guarding the palace gate. Before the curse, Lankalakshmi was known Vijayalakshmi and she was the one who guarded the treasury of Brahma.

One day Vijayalakshmi was found to be negligent in her duties and she was cursed by Brahma to be born on earth and to guard the palace of Ravana.

Brahma told her that she will get relief from the curse when Hanuman will strike her down.

Hanuman who was in search of Mata Sita, found a huge tower gate on the northern side of the palace. The gate was closed. Hanuman broke opened the door. Lanka Lakshmi confronted him and Hanuman gave her a powerful blow. Lankalakshmi fell down and was immediately relieved of the curse.

She then returned to the world of Brahma and became Vijayalakshmi, the guardian of the treasury of Brahma.